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About CrossFit 805

Who are we?

At CrossFit 805, we strive to be your answer to a better quality way of life. We stress that longevity is just as important as looking good in a t-shirt for summer. Our quality coaching will lead you on a path to meeting all of your fitness goals: whether you're preparing for a sport specific competition, or want to be able to keep up with your kids. We know CrossFit, because we DO CrossFit; we live the life and teaching it is our passion.  CrossFit 805 boasts a sprawling 5000 sq. ft. facility equipped with top of the line equipment from such manufacturers as: Rogue Fitness, Diamond Pro, Concept2, Dynamax, and Again Faster. At CrossFit 805, we want you to leave the gym not only feeling satisfied from the workout, but also feeling like you're at home - because to us, you are family!

We're stronger, together.

Where are we?


CrossFit Classes

Coach led small group classes where we provide your exercise programming and all necessary equipment.  Controlled coach to student ratio ensures efficient attention to athletes. Class Descriptions

CrossFit Group Class:

"Constantly varied functional movements performed at a relatively high intensity." This is our bread and butter CrossFit class. CrossFit is perfect for just about anyone looking to get in shape or take their training to the next level. Our programming has been battle tested by mom’s that want to get back in shape to elite level competitors. We recommend spending some time in the Lite class before jumping into the standard CrossFit class so that you have a proficient foundation of the movements in CrossFit. CrossFit classes are not limited to adults, teens athletes are welcome to join in the workout too! Age requirements for mixed level classes start at 14 years old.  Parent/Guardian's must fill out waiver and sign off for their teens.  Like with ALL of our athletes, and especially teens, we strongly recommend spending time in the CrossFit Lite classes until a coach gives the okay to step up into our mixed level classes.  This is to ensure the safety of our athletes by giving them a strong foundation to work up from! Like all of our classes, the format is: warm-up, skill/strength, and WOD. Programming includes, but is not limited to: powerlifting, kettlebells, olympic lifting, calisthenics, running, rowing, and gymnastics.

CrossFit "Lite" Class:

The CrossFit Lite class is designed to build and strengthen athlete’s fundamentals, standards and virtuosity (performing the common, uncommonly well) in movement. This class is perfect for newer athletes who are looking to shape the foundation they need as a CrossFit 805 athlete, and veterans alike who are just looking to solidify their technique. During this class we will focus on perfecting the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit:
  • Air Squat
  • Front Squat
  • Overhead Squat
  • Shoulder Press
  • Push Press
  • Push Jerk
  • Deadlift
  • Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  • Medicine Ball Clean
CrossFit Lite classes will maintain regular class format; warm-up, skill/strength, and workout of the day (WOD). Workouts will be scaled versions of our standard CrossFit classes. The aim of CrossFit Lite is to provide athletes with a relaxed learning environment to hone their skills, all while getting a robust workout and leaving the box feeling accomplished. Athletes are encouraged to take these classes until they’re ready to tackle the standard CrossFit class, or until a coach recommends otherwise.

805 Endurance/EndureFit Class:

The EndureFit class is a fast paced conditioning class that fuses our training methodology into a training session that will leave you sitting in a pool of sweat. The best part of the EndureFit class is that it’s beginner friendly! There will be no barbell movements in this class, but will include conditioning tools such as kettlebells, slam balls, medicine balls, plyoboxes, and rowers; as well as bodyweight movements. This class is great for anyone looking to burn off that pesky weight, lean up, and increase their work capacity!

805 Barbell Club

Our 805 Barbell Club is a class devoted to all things barbell. This class focuses on the Clean & Jerk, the Snatch and accessory movements to help strengthen these lifts.

YouthX Class

*Description Coming Soon*

Personal Training

Interested in specialized personal training? Looking to reach your fitness goals? Ask us how we can help!
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The Facility
  • CrossFit 805
  • CrossFit 805 - The Rig
  • CrossFit 805 - Assortment of accessories
  • CrossFit 805 - Wallballs on all
  • CrossFit 805 - KBs for the masses
  • CrossFit 805 - Bars
  • CrossFit 805 - Weights
  • CrossFit 805 - Check In
  • CrossFit 805 - Boxes
  • CrossFit 805 - Kid's Room (work in progress)
The Coaches and Staff

  • Joel Te

    Joel Te

    Owner/Head Coach L1
    CrossFit Powerlifting
    Coach's Bio

    Joel Te

    • Favorite movement - Deadlift
    • Least favorite movement - Wallballs
    • Favorite "Girl" WOD - Linda (&Emily!)
    • Favorite Superhero - Spiderman
    • Favorite food - Pizza, dude
    • Something people might not know about me is...The only thing I love as much as CrossFit are video games!
  • Hiro Oni

    Hiro Oni

    CrossFit Coach L1
    CrossFit Kettlebell
    Coach's Bio

    Hiro Oni

    • Favorite movement - Bar Muscle Up
    • Least favorite movement - Snatching lol
    • Favorite "Girl" WOD - Randy
    • Favorite Superhero - Megatron
    • Favorite food - Soup, I love soup!
    • Something people might not know about me is... I've had McDonald's in over 10 different countries
  • Don Neri

    Don Neri

    CrossFit Coach - Level 1
    Coach's Bio

    Don Neri

    • Favorite movement - Thrusters and Snatches
    • Least favorite movement - Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
    • Favorite "Girl" WOD - Charlyne, then Jackie, then lastly Fran
    • Favorite Superhero - AquaMan
    • Favorite food - See Food, when I see food I eat it.
    • Something people might not know about me is...I am a Civil Engineer, and love to play basketball
  • Trish Seguin

    Trish Seguin

    CrossFit Coach - Level 1
    Coach's Bio

    Trish Seguin

    • Favorite movement - Snatch and OHS
    • Least favorite movement - Thrusters
    • Favorite "Girl" WOD - Diane
    • Favorite Superhero - We are all heroes
    • Favorite food - Watermelon
    • Something people might not know about me is...I lived in MN and worked in the movie research business.
      I fell in love with Sean over the phone, dealing with business everyday. During a visit to Los Angeles one weekend
      to see a friend, I also met up with Sean and met him for the first time in person. After that weekend, I took a huge
      leap of faith and risked everything by quitting my job, leaving my family, friends and everything I knew and moved to LA to be with him.
      We've been married for 15 years and have 3 kids now.
  • Marvin Garcia

    Marvin Garcia

    Technical Guru
    Marvin's Bio

    Marvin Garcia

    • Favorite movement - Cleans
    • Least favorite movement - Jerks
    • Favorite "Girl" WOD - None
    • Favorite Superhero - Superman
    • Favorite food - Spaghetti or Lasagna
    • Something people might not know about me is... I didn't learn how to swim until I was 25
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