Virtuosity and the Movement

For today’s skill, we went of the movement “toes 2 bar”. This is one movement that you’ll see butchered often for only taking it for it’s face value. Sounds simple enough, right? Touch your toes to the bar, get a rep. Right, but very wrong.
The actual skill extends much further past touching the bar with your toes. If we’re not moving as efficiently as possible, then what good is the rep? It’s certainly not making you any stronger. This is where we, as athletes and coaches (especially!), need to take a step back and display virtuosity not only in our movements, but also in our practice. Adding things like weights to a broken movement isn’t going to make you stronger, faster – it’s only going to exacerbate the problem. Just because it’s exotic, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better.

Everyone did a great job today, whether it was learning the skill for the first time to people having to re-learn my way of coaching it. You’ll get those toes to the bar in no time!


About the author: Joel Te